About Us

At Hotel Rock Stone its either a Sun-day or a Snow-day. Mussoorie is a little piece of heaven on earth. You are destined to fall in love with our quaint little Himalayan hillstation. Bathed in sparkling bright sunshine or covered in pristine white snow, the grand show of nature goes on forever.

The joys of beings surrounded by lush green hills and breathing in the clean pine scented air rejuvenates the body, mind and soul. We just play cupid and ensure your love affair with nature.

During your stay at Hotel Rock Stone, you will most definitely find yourself questioning your own sanity as the worldly concerns clouding the skies of your soul are evaporated by the astonishing hospitality of our staff and you will lapse into an ecstatic state verging on nirvana. Family is a complex thing, and never before did you wish to acquire more family members. However, when you experience the kindred-spirit kind of connections to be had with our compassionate and semi-clairvoyant staff, you will consider us your spiritual family forever and Hotel Rock Stone your new home.